Should You Dress Your Dog Up In Clothes?

You most likely have come across super cute dog photos on social media where various dogs are wearing clothes or accessories. Dogs are already very cute but the addition of clothes makes them even more cute and lovable. However, the question you may have is, should you dress your dog up in clothes? And is it safe to dress up your dog? Well, there is no clear “yes” or “no” to this. It mainly depends upon the situation, occasion, your dog’s personality or behavior, your dog’s fur type and other reasons. 

Should you dress up your dog in clothes?

If you want to keep a wardrobe for your puppy, you can certainly do that. It will definitely be heart-warming to see your fuzzy baby in cute outfits. Just make sure that the dogs remain happy and comfortable, and we always recommend not leaving a your dog unattended whilst wearing clothes.

Wearing clothes may be a slightly stressful experience for your dog at first but most dogs will get used to the experience over time. If you notice that your dog isn’t really comfortable with the clothes and is not getting used to them overtime then it is best to not force it.

So without further a do, here are some important things to consider before dressing up your dog! 

The clothes must not be too tight 

So, first thing that you need to keep in mind whenever you are getting your hands-on dog clothes is that the clothes must not be tight. If the clothes are too tight, they will limit the movement of the dog and the dog may panic, or may become angry. To avoid that, make sure that the clothes fit nicely and aren’t uncomfortable.

The clothes must allow easy communication 

This point is again linked with the fitting of the clothes. If the clothes are uncomfortable then it will adversely impact the behavior and mood of the dog. The dog may panic and will become aggressive. This way, there will be a lack of communication. It will become difficult for you to understand the body language of your pup. When dogs are stressed or uncomfortable they may also act weirdly around other dogs as well. So make sure the clothes fit comfortably and allow you dog to naturally communicate, such as via their tail or ears.

Puppy wearing clothes

Choking hazards must be avoided 

Sometimes, you may find super cute accessories such as bow ties, bells, and bandanas that the dog may end up chewing. Chewing can lead to swallowing and it can cause a choking hazard. So, before buying certain items, have a quick think about whether or not they represent a choking hazard, and we recommend not leaving you dog unattended whilst wearing clothes.

When should you dress your dog? 

In cold weather 

Some dogs have a pretty thin fur, which may not be enough to keep them warm in the extremely cold temperatures. If you reside in an area where the temperature becomes extremely low then it is best to make the dog wear sweaters or jackets to ensure warmth when outside for extended periods of time.

On special occasions

On birthdays, Halloween, bridal showers or at other celebratory events, dressing up dogs is always super fun. There are so many cute and funny outfits that you can pick out for your dogs on special occasions. When the whole family is dressing up, then why not dress your dog?

In case of surgery 

When dogs get surgery or if they are getting therapy, the health professionals may recommend jackets or surgical vests. The surgical vests or therapy jackets prevent the dogs from licking the wounds or stitches. This way, the wound or injury can recover quickly because it is not in the reach of the dog.

In order to ensure safety 

Lastly, worker dogs are often seen wearing neon green and yellow jackets. The main purpose of these jackets or vests is to ensure high-visibility in dark situations, allowing the human workers to easily see the dogs. 

Winter Dog Jacket

Hopefully this blog post has help educate you on whether or not you should kit your dog out in the latest fashion. In summary, there is no harm in dressing up your dog as long as the dog does not become uncomfortable or is injured in the process. Whilst your dog is wearing clothes your should carefully monitor them to identify signs of discomfort or stress. If you have some further suggestions or ideas, let us know in the comments below!


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