How To Ask Your Landlord To Allow You To Have A Dog

Not all landlords are in the favor of their tenants having pets. This is mainly because the dogs can cause noise, mess and even damage to property. Some other tenants in the building or neighborhood may also not like having a dog around. Hence, getting the permission to have a dog can be tricky. However, this does not mean that you shouldn’t try either. 

We have some tips that will definitely help you to have a dog. Let’s have a look at them!

Landlord Approval For Pets 

1. Be open and provide information 

First of all, you have to be open about your desire to keep a dog when you are in discussion with your landlord. Tell them your love for your pet. Then, you must share all the details about your pet. Age, size, breed, training and all the other information regarding your pet should be shared. It may even be helpful for the landlord to meet the pet, so that they can see how well behaved they are!

2. Offer to pay a little more or an extra deposit 

From a landlords perspective, they are mostly worried about the potential damage and mess the dog is going to make to their property. So, to overcome this problem, you may want to offer them a little more rent, about $20-$50 per month, to sweeten the deal.

Another thing you can do is pay a larger bond when you sign the rental agreement. This security would remain with the landlord for any potential damage that may be caused by the dog, and will give the landlord better peace of mind.

3. Take responsibility for property damage 

Not only you should offer to pay extra but you must also assure the landlord that you take full responsibility of any damage that may be caused. A lot of building are carpeted, dog hair can stick to it and it can keep on building up. You can also offer to get the carpets professionally cleaned every six to eight months. Also, you can assure the landlord that you will take your dog for nail trimmings regularly to avoid any scratches on the property. 

Another thing that landlords worry about is the bad behavior of the dog when it is left unattended. The dogs panic and become aggressive when they are left unattended for long hours. Hence, you need to make sure that your dog is not left alone so that damage can be avoided. 

Dog Landlord Approval

4. Show inclination towards creating a pet agreement 

Some of the landlords face the trouble that pet owners bring their pet into the building but later on they don’t keep their word and don’t pay for damage either. So, in order to convince your landlord, you can show willingness to come up with a non-refundable or a refundable pet agreement. You can set the terms and conditions on the agreement with mutual understanding with your landlord. This will give the landlord a peace of mind and the assurity that the cost of the damage will be covered. With this agreement, there will be a greater chance that your landlord will allow you to keep a dog. 

5. Get references from previous landlords

Your landlord obviously needs some references in order to truly believe you. So, when your previous landlords talk to your current landlord about the good behavior of your dog and the costs of damage covered, the landlord will most likely allow you to bring your dog to the building or the neighborhood. 

Lastly, it would be really nice if you could arrange a small meeting with your landlord where you bring your dog as well. This way, the landlord will get to meet your well-behaved dog and he might allow you to keep him. 

Dog Apartment Rental Approval

The point is, some things may seem extremely difficult but they are not impossible. You must at least “try” with the best of efforts in order to get the job done. 

We are not 100% sure that your landlord will allow you to keep a dog but we are hopeful that by following the above-mentioned tips, he is most likely to allow you to keep a dog. 


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