5 Tips For Getting The Perfect Pet Selfie

One of the most difficult things to do is to take selfies with your pet. Mainly because, pets don’t EVER stay still for the picture. We stress again, they DON’T EVER stay still! But we all need cute selfies to share on social media and with friends and family, right? Well, now you don’t need to worry anymore because we have come with the best tips with which you can get the perfect pet selfie.

How To Take The Perfect Pet Selfie Photo

1. Don’t force it!

You will never get a good pet selfie if you force your pet into a certain position. Don’t make your pet sit forcefully because it will make the pet stressed. Instead of getting happy photos, you will end up with a stressed dog. 

What you really need to do is follow the lead of the pet. Adjust your posture according to your pet and you will end up getting super unique and cute photos. The more you force, the more your pet will get annoyed and want to run away or hide.

You might have to run after your pet a little but you will get a good exercise along with cute selfies with your pet. Amazing, right?

2. Pick out your pet’s favorite toy

One of the most difficult tasks is to make your pet comfortable in front of the camera. Sometimes, pets just keep running away and there are you are, sitting lost and helpless. To lure your pet into taking selfies with you, you might want to use your puppy or pets favourite toy. Hold it on top of the camera so the puppy can clearly see it. The dog or any other pet will definitely get excited and you will get an opportunity to make the best out of that moment. Be sure to act quickly, if you are going to take long then you may not be able to get the perfect selfie. Don’t forget to reward the pet after taking selfies. 

You can even start by playing with the dog or any other pet of yours and once it is tired, or stops to rest, you can end up taking selfies. Also, playing with the pet will keep it happy and you will see a happy pet in the selfies.

Tips For Taking The Perfect Pet Selfie Photo

3. Use the burst mode or live mode 

It is highly unlikely that you take one selfie and it comes out nice. To pick out that perfect Instagram worthy photo, you will need to take many pictures with the help of the burst or live mode. Both of these modes are capable of taking many pictures at one time so you can pick out your favorite one later on. This is super helpful because out of 100 blurry and shaky photos, you will at least end up with one that is clear, cute and perfect. 

You will be able to capture some amazing movement in the live shots. Some high jumps, some tongues sticking out, some fur flying in the wind, or paws trying to catch the toy.

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4. Use a selfie stick 

Some people have a hard time taking selfies without a selfie stick. The pets move around a lot, having them stay in one place is quite tricky. So, using a selfie stick comes in very handy. You can adjust the height of it and then take as many selfies as you like. Now, there are special pet selfie sticks available as well. With a selfie stick, you can adjust the framing of the photos easier, and also get more of the background in the photo to give better context to the photo.

5. Adjust the lighting and angles 

The most important tip is to adjust the angles. Make sure that you are standing or sitting against the light. If the light is behind you then the selfies will come out very dark and the faces will not be visible. Then you need to make sure that you are not cutting your pet out of the frame. Try multiple angles and take multiple pictures. This way, you will have selfies with different backgrounds, different colors and different lighting effects. 

There you have it, 5 Tips For Getting The Perfect Pet Selfie. Selfies with your pet may not always be easy but it is certainly not impossible, and definitely worth the time and effort. Whether the photo is for instagram or just for your memories, taking regular selfie with your pet is a rewarding experience, as you can look back over the years and see how they have grown up. If you have some further suggestions or ideas, let us know in the comments below!


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