Should Your Enrol Your Pooch In Puppy School?

If you're reading this article you're probably asking yourself if you should enrol your pooch in puppy school? Though there may not be a simple answer to this question, the following article will give you useful information to make an informed decision about the costs involved, and the benefits your puppy will receive.

Enrolling your pooch into a puppy school will ensure your puppy is well on their way to becoming a well behaved dog, and will teach them lifelong skills, such as socialisation, bite inhibition and obedience.  By carefully choosing a high quality puppy school, you can be confident that your puppy is receiving the best training available.R

Is Puppy School Worth It?

What are the costs involved?

One of the first things people consider when looking at a puppy school is the cost. Fortunately enrolling your pup in a school doesn't need to be an expensive start to your dogs training. Depending on whether you opt for group or private training, puppy school costs on average about $50 per session, with most schools running 5 sessions in total. Compared to vaccines and the ongoing costs of having a dog, this is a small price to pay for a well behaved dog, and will likely save you money in the long term!

How Much Does Puppy School Cost?

At what age should I enrol my puppy?

Now you may have heard that in the earlier times, choke chains and solid yanks were used to train dogs. These can be physically harmful for the dogs. Hence, it was said that the best time to enroll your pooch was 7-8 weeks so their trachea won’t be as sensitive. However, progressive trainers now use modern methods such as clickers or food treats in order to train dogs. So, they suggest that early admission at the age of 4-6 weeks is perfectly fine as well. Most puppy schools will take dogs between the ages of 8-16 weeks. Be sure that your puppy has had all of their vaccines before enrolling them.

What will my puppy learn?


If the puppy is not exposed to various people, pets, sounds and smells in the earlier ages, the puppy may not be able to deal with them in the future. Social interactions become a nightmare for puppies. Hence, in training it is essential that the puppies are exposed to people, pets, sounds and smells. 

Early training of the puppies will make social interactions smooth and fun. The dogs will be confident and happy around people and pets.

Bite Inhibition 

We all know that puppies can bite. The severity of the bite depends upon the bite inhibition training. In the training, the dogs learn to control the pressure of their mouth along with not being able to bite at all. With this training, unwanted situations can be avoided.

Tolerating being touched 

If the dogs start resisting being touched in the earlier ages and then they are not trained, they will not be able to tolerate touch. Specially from a stranger. The dog may end up biting. A visit to the vet can become extremely difficult. So, during the training, the trainers make sure that the dogs are tolerating being touched and they do not stress too much.

Obedience and commands 

For a well-behaved dog, there must be obedience. They should listen and act according to your commands. This starts from the basics. The dogs first learn their name, then small commands such as “sit, stay, or leave”. There are many other commands that the puppy may learn during training period. 

Should I Enrol My Dog In Puppy School

How do I choose a puppy school? 

You need to look for the following things in a training school: 

  1. The trainers in the school must be licensed, skilled, competent and experienced. 
  2. The trainers should be easy to communicate with. You should be able to discuss the performance of your puppy and other related queries. 
  3. The environment should be friendly for the dogs. 
  4. The trainers must provide individual attention and coaching to each dog in the puppy school. 
  5. The puppy school must ensure cleanliness. There should not be any strong odors, harmful substances or clutter that can end up being harmful for the puppy. 
  6. The most important thing that you need to look for in a puppy school is that the trainers should handle the puppies gently. If they intend to use physical punishment then you must avoid that school. Force must not be used. It can end up being very abusive to your puppy, and damage their long term development.
  7. The playtime of the dogs should be monitored. Any inappropriate behaviors during the playtime must be avoided. 
  8. It is important that the trainer is respectful to the dog and its owner, in order to have a healthy relationship. The trainer and owner must be able to easily communicate as well. 

Puppy schools are great for puppy training. Enrolling your dog in a quality puppy school will go a long way to ensuring your puppy becomes well-behaved, happy and healthy dog. 

There you have it, our advice on how to determine whether or not you should enrol your pooch in puppy school. If you have some further suggestions or ideas, let us know in the comments below!


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