10 Lockdown Birthday Gifts For Dog Lovers In Quarantine

Quarantine and birthday parties. Of course, they don’t go well together. With lockdowns occurring all over the world, the idea of birthday parties seems impossible. But it doesn't mean that we can’t send birthday gifts to each other. After all they are a great way to show your love for your friends and family. 

Whilst they might not be hitting the streets with their four legged fried in tow, you can be sure they are making the most of the extra time they get to spend with their pooch.

So keep the doggy and birthday vibes flowing with these 10 cute items that you can send to your dog-loving friends and family as a thoughtful present amidst this ongoing pandemic.

1. Best Dog Mom Ever Fabric Face Mask

Best Dog Mom Ever Fabric Face Mask

In light of the recent pandemic that took over the whole world, face masks have become a compulsory accessory. Surprise your dog-lover friends with these 100% polyester masks that come with comfortable ear loops. These double-layered masks are washable and reusable, which makes them fit for regular use. The white-colored masks with “Best Dog Mom” written in black makes them a unique gift for dog lovers, and they go well with any colored dress.

2. Stay Pawsitive Women’s Tee

Funny Stay positive Dog Mom T-shirt

If you are confused about what to give to your dogs’ obsessed friend on a special occasion this year, might we suggest Stay Pawsitive Tee. These regular fit tee-shirts feature a crewneck design and are made from 100% cotton, making them a perfect present for dog lovers. They make the perfect gift for wearing at home snuggled on the couch with a dog.

3. Namaste Home With My Dog Tank Top

Namaste Home With My Dog Mom Tank Top Gift

Our cozy ‘Namaste home with my dog’ tank tops are a highly recommended gift for pet lovers. These high-quality tank tops featuring a racerback are made from a 60/40 blend of cotton and polyester. A pack of these fabulous tank tops would make a lovely present for your dog-obsessed friend. Wear it to the gym, at home, or with your favorite casual shirt because it does all. Imagine the pride in the air when he/she will be walking his/her dog with this special gift from you on a warm, sunny Sunday down the street.

4. My Kids Have Paws Unisex Hoodie

My Kids Have Paws Unisex Hoodie Dog Mom Gift

Winter is here, and so is the excitement for winter shopping. Pet lovers like to express their obsession for pets out in public. We designed this beautiful pullover hoodie with ‘my kids have paws’ written on the chest as a gift for a birthday present for dog lovers. This stylish, comfy hoodie with front pouch pockets is the best way to surprise your dog lover friend on their birthday this winter. 

5. My Dog Is My Favourite Drinking Buddy Unisex Sweatshirt

My Dog Is My Favourite Drinking Buddy Dog Mom Gift

Winters and sweatshirts come hand to hand. Our voguish unisex sweatshirts with ‘My dog is my favorite drinking buddy” print on the front makes the perfect gift for dog lovers this winter. The modern fashion item features a crewneck and spandex waistband, making them stylish and comfortable at the same time. Gift them to your dog lover friend, and their regular morning pet walks aren't going to be ordinary anymore. 

6. Dog Mom Paw Print Pom Pom Beanie

Dog Mom Paw Print Pom Pom Beanie Gift

I bet your mom must have stopped and told you to wear a beanie before stepping out in the cold at least once or more. Ever felt annoyed by this act of motherly affection? We all agree that it shouldn’t be, but let’s be honest here, the answer is an obvious YES! To make up for this, we have designed super cute pom pom beanie caps with ‘dog mom’ written on them at the front. Surprise your loved ones with this awesome birthday gift for dog lovers this winter, and we bet their moms are going to thank you in person!

7. Paw Print Heart Vintage Cotton Twill Cap

Paw Print Heart Vintage Cotton Twill Cap

Wondering about what to gift to your best friend for his/her birthday this winter that is pocket friendly and stylish at the same time? We suggest our cool vintage cotton twill caps that make a great accessory to any outfit. Made from 100% cotton, these sophisticated caps feature an intricate embroidery detail and a metal snap buckle that makes them superior to ordinary caps. These caps make an excellent birthday present recommendation for dog lovers because of their paw print heart vintage at the front and pocket-friendly cost.

8. Hungry Ceramic Dog Bowl

Hungry Funny Ceramic Dog Bowl Gift

We find little excuses to celebrate. The idea of giving a gift to your best friend for his/her pet’s birthday seems real fun. We suggest our special and cute dog ceramic food bowl. White in color and “#hungry” written with black makes an excellent dog themed gift. These bowls are dishwasher and microwave safe, making them reliable and superior comparatively. The designs are finished with ORCA coating, making sure they won’t fade away over time. Imagine that cute little pup feeding in the bowl; wouldn’t that make a picture-perfect scene?

9. Beware Of Dog The Owners Are Shady Welcome Mat

Funny Dog Lovers & Owners Welcome Door Mat

The Beware Of Dog The Owners Are Shady welcome mat is a great idea to show your love for dogs and is a guaranteed hit for your guests. Gift this mat to your dog lover friends as a birthday present and let them decorate their home/office with a funny touch. The mat features a polyester top that will clean your home from outside dirt, and the foam rubber backing will help protect your floor and prevent slipping.

10. Reserved For The Dog Throw Pillow

Reserved For The Dog Funny Throw Pillow Gift

If you have a friend obsessed with dogs, we have a great suggestion regarding their next birthday gift from you. Our reserved for the dog throw pillow makes an excellent home decoration. These pillows are a great idea for showing your dog obsession in every corner of your home without giving the ‘this is too much’ vibe.


There you have it, 10 Lockdown Birthday Gifts For Dog Lovers In Quarantine. If you have a favourite, then let us know in the comments below!

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