5 Tips For Keeping Your Dog’s Teeth Clean

One of the most essential parts of overall grooming of a dog is dental care. Maintaining good oral hygiene is extremely important for dogs just like humans. It is not only to prevent stinky breath or smelly hugs and cuddles. It is of great significance mainly because good oral health and hygiene prevents your dog from developing fatal diseases. 

Poor dental hygiene can lead to various kidney, heart and liver problems in dogs. No dog owner wants their dog to experience this pain, right? 

So, we have 5 quick tips that will help you ensure good oral health of your dog. Let’s quickly go through them.

Dog Oral Dental Hygiene Care And Tips

1. Brushing teeth with toothpaste 

The first and the most important tip is to brush the teeth of the dog. The basis of good oral hygiene is brushing teeth. 

At first, your dog may resist it but later on, they will get used to it. There are multiple yummy flavours of the toothpastes available that dog will enjoy. You can find chicken, peanut butter and many other delicious flavors of toothpastes.

Brushing teeth regularly with a good toothpaste will definitely make a major difference in the oral health of your dog. The more you brush the teeth, the more effective it is. However, if you a busy schedule then brushing teeth once or twice a week will be sufficient too. 

One thing that you need to keep in mind while picking the toothpaste for dogs is that the toothpaste should specifically be for dogs. It should not contain toxic chemicals or compounds that can be harmful for the dogs.

Dog Dental Health and Oral Hygiene Tips

2. Chewing on dental chews, treats or toys 

You can get your hands-on dental chews or dental treats for your dogs. These are specifically designed to make sure that the plaque and tartar is removed from the teeth of dogs. All those dog owners who cannot brush the tooth often, can use this technique instead. Dental chews and treats will be yummy for the dogs and will also ensure good oral health. 

Nowadays, you can even find some that are calorie-free.

Dog Dental Oral Health Chews Treats

3. Using dog dental spray 

For dog owners who want to get rid of the stinky breath or mouth odour, dog dental sprays can be used. These will freshen the breath of the dogs by killing the bacteria residing in their mouth. 

The dental sprays are not only for stinky breath, they also help removing tartar and preventing plaque build-up. 

Dental sprays are best for those dogs that do not stay still for some time. If you have been in search of a quick method to ensure teeth cleanliness then dog dental sprays are the best option. 

In order to get the maximum effectiveness of the dental sprays, make sure that the dogs don’t eat 30 minutes before spraying and 30 minutes after spraying, as eating will reduce the impact or effectiveness of the dental spray.

4. Wiping teeth with dog teeth wipes

Another quick method to clean the teeth of your dog is to use dog teeth wipes. These get rid of the plaque that has been built up on the teeth, and also gets rid of the tartar build up. 

Dog teeth wipes are not able to clean nooks and corners in the mouth because they are harder to reach. But they still make a huge difference. You can brush the teeth of your dogs and reach nooks and corners once or twice a week. While other days, you can use dog teeth wipes and dog dental sprays.

Dog Dental Oral Health Wipes

5. Professional Dental Cleaning

At times, even with regular teeth brushing, the dog owners may overlook some dental problems of dogs. So, it is best to take your dog for professional dental cleaning every once in a while. After your first visit to the vet, the vet will guide you about how often you need to get professional dental cleanings. Whilst this can be an expensive procedure, as the dog will need to be put un anaesthesia, it will prevent long term dental disease and other health problems arising.

Dog Dental Cleaning Procedure

We are sure that after using these tips, your dogs will have a healthier and better oral hygiene. When it comes to oral health, consistency is key, and if you aren't sure about your dog's dental hygiene, take them to the local vet for a quick check up and some advice.


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